Organic Ganja Goddess Butter

$59.00 $40.00

This butter is shipped in heat resistant packaging and with a cold pack. If it arrives soft it will still be fine but should be returned to a refrigerator. If you are in a particularly hot area, please mention in the comments that we may need to add another cold pack.contains: organic unsalted butter, organic cannabis.

Great for making your own edibles or just everyday use. Made from a mixture of sativa and indica strains, this butter is good for pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

Organic Ganja Goddess Butter – 4oz $25.00
Organic Ganja Goddess Butter – 8oz $40.00


Comes in 4 fl oz (one stick) or 8 fl oz (2 sticks) of organic unsalted butter infused with a mix of hybrid cannabis strains. This butter is very strong so take great care in measuring dosage (start small and increase dosage according to your needs) and allow 45 minutes for onset of effect.