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Cheeba Chews are cut within precise weight tolerances, ensuring consistent medicinal effects every time for patients. Every single batch of extract is tested for THC, CBD, and CBN content. They also test edibles on a monthly basis to ensure that they are sticking to our their promise of making the most potent and consistent cannabis edible on the market.
Sativa (Orange) 70mg THC
Indica (Black) 70mg THC
Carmel Hybrid(Brown) 94mg THC / 5 MG CBD
High CBD (Blue) 20mg CBD / 50MG THC
Deca Hybrid (White) 175mg THC
Pure CBD (Purple) 50mg CBD / 2MG THC
Gummy Sativa 70mg THC
Gummy Indica 70mg THC


Their perfected process consistently makes the safest pharmaceutical grade cannabis extract possible, while activating 98% of the available cannabinoids.