Godfather Purple Kush

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Godfather Purple Kush is an incredibly potent and tasteful weed strain. The strain is a cross between the three of the world’s most famous cannabis strains: Godfather, Afghani, and Purple Kush. This indica-dominant hybrid has quite a memorable taste and flavor, and a very impressive appearance. The buds are nicely shaped, with large dark green nugs and small purple leaves. The nugs are completely covered with a thick layer or crystal white trichomes and visible droplets of sweet resin. But the best thing about the Godfather Purple Kush cannabis strain is its unique flavor and taste: an incredible mix of sweet berries and grape with a light hint of spicy herbs.


Godfather Purple Kush is a perfect strain for everyone who needs to relax and have some rest. This strain will calm your mind, relax your body, make you feel happy and completely at ease. It is the perfect strain for managing nausea, headaches, stress, and insomnia.